Autonami is a WooCommerce Marketing Automation CRM

Have you heard of Autonami?

There's a chance that you haven't heard of Autonami, brought to you by the same folks as WooFunnels, which I told you about the other day (and their special offer). I've written before about marketing automation, and about CRMs. But today I want to tell you about a WooCommerce marketing automation CRM – because it's incredibly powerful.

The first thing to note is that this is a solution for just about anyone who is running WooCommerce. It doesn't take a ton of work or knowledge to build WooCommerce automations.

What I'm going to do is show you several automations that took next to no time at all. The real challenge is knowing what you can do. Dreaming it up. Once you have that, making it happen is easy.

First Time Buyers Get a Discount

If you could bring new customers back to your store in 7 days, would you want to? Sure. So why not make that happen? All you need to do is know whether the customer's order was their first. If so, then create a coupon for them and send it to them. And make sure you expire the coupon in 7 days, so they know there's some urgency associated.

That's what I did here. Really easy and fast.

Create a lifetime discount for VIPs

Not every customer is equal. So why not reward high value customers, VIPs, with a special discount. In this case I'm not building a coupon on the fly (like last time). Instead I've already created a special VIP coupon.

This automation gives the special VIP coupon to anyone who has spent over $10,000 in the store. When they hit that mark, after any order is processed, I can send them the special coupon that will give them a lifetime discount.

Pretty cool, right?

Add tags for Big Spenders

You might get caught thinking that this WooCommerce marketing automation solution is only good for sending emails (given my first two examples). But it does more than that.

What I'm doing here is looking at each item in each order. If they buy one of my more expensive products (where the price is over $1,000), I apply the “big spender” tag to the customer.

Now that you know who is and who isn't a big spender, you can do a lot with this kind of segmentation.

For example, if you're about to sell an item with limited availability – maybe you want to send them advance notice with a special link to buy before everyone else…

Win customers back

Autonami also helps you win customers back by paying attention to how long it's been since that customer last made a purchase.

In this example, which is common for any marketing automation platform, Autonami already knows what a win back campaign looks like. It just asks me for a date range. You could make it 30-45 days. I made it 364-366.

In other words, I want to send a customer a special email at the year anniversary of their last purchase. I can make them a special offer and invite them to come back. I'm even willing to give them an extra special deal since it's been a year.

Obviously you could do other win back campaigns at the 2-3 month timeline, or 4-6 month lapse.

Automations are everything

What you can see is that these automations will bring customers back to your store and help you earn more from them. Without. You. Doing. Anything. That's the power of marketing automation, and when you find a solution like Autonami – dedicated to WooCommerce – it's worth checking out.

That said, I can't tell you about them and not mention that you need good hosting to leverage all that they're doing in the background. An inexpensive hosting solution (you know those $3 specials) isn't going to cut it. And hosts that offer competitive solutions but heavily rely on caching and time out quickly when you want to run background jobs may also struggle.

That's why my team at Nexcess designed a managed WooCommerce hosting solution that will help you sell crazy amounts of eCommerce while running automation at the same time. Check it out.