What does ballet have to do with professional WordPress?


Just a few weeks ago I spent some time at WordCamp Europe. It was an amazing trip and wonderful to meet so many cool folks – including some that I'd only known online before the conference.

Because of a last minute issue with one of the speakers not able to make it, I was invited to share some thoughts on what it means to be and build professional WordPress organizations.

Maybe it was because of the tight timeline, lack of prep, and the need to create an original talk quickly – for whatever reason, some earlier research I'd done on ballet dancers and pointe shoes came to mind.

After all, if you're still recovering from a late-night afterparty, what else would you want to hear about – other than ballet pointe shoes?

The result was the following talk that I was quite pleased to deliver, and I hope it challenges and reaffirms what you know to be true already.

Being a professional, at anything, takes work!