Blogging like a Rockstar


Results Speak for Themselves

When I last wrote about my blog, I shared with you that consistent posting (read: daily) was having an impact on my blog statistics. I shared with you some of my secrets but I left one last secret off my list because I wanted to be able to really highlight its effect. Check out the graph below.

rock star blogging

Up until week 36 (the short bar that hits about 1,000 page views), I was doing things on my own. To the best of my own ability. Or so I thought.

Never Trust an Untrained Gut

My gut said I was working at the best of my ability. But as I've told you over and over again – trusting your gut when you're in a new context is practically useless. Yet here I was, trusting my gut.

So I decided to do something about it back in September. I decided to take my own medicine. If my gut wasn't to be trusted, I knew I needed to trust someone who had actual experience. So I decided to sign up for Chris' Brogan's Blog Topics Master Class.

Blogging like a Rockstar

That hockey stick of growth you see in the chart is a chart we all love. It's one we like to predict all the time. But we don't always see it, do we?

Well, this chart is real. It's looking back, not predicting a potential future.

I went from defining a good day of traffic as 100 views in a day, to now 1000. I went from 1500 page views in a week, to over 6,000.

And it came from three things:

  1. A clarity in who I was writing to
  2. A set of habits and frameworks to help me produce material
  3. A new confidence in my writing

Seriously, who wouldn't succeed with those three things?

And you know where I got them? Chris' Brogan's Blog Topics Master Class.


Don't sign up for a class like Chris' if you aren't ready to do homework (weekly). Don't sign up if you're not willing to put your writing out there (in a Facebook group) for feedback. Don't sign up if you're looking for a magic cure and a seven digit monthly income blueprint that's all fake crap.

But do sign up if you are a new or stalled blogger that wants to develop your A game. Sign up if you want to blog like a rock star.