Can you build an LMS using Rainmaker?

Rainmaker announced LMS features!

Just recently Rainmaker announced a Pro edition which featured, among other things, a new LMS (online learning) capability.

If you know me, have been here before, or spent time searching on the Googles, particularly for online learning or eLearning and WordPress, you might have seen several articles I've written about the subject.

So it likely doesn't surprise you that I was curious enough to purchase a new site and upgrade to Pro.

But wait a second!  Was I seriously going to spend all that money just to write an article?

In this particular case, I decided I would actually build a new site whose sole focus was just an online course.

And that's how I set out to create The Membership Huddle.

Blame Chris Brogan, that's who!

The driver for creating The Membership Huddle was more than just testing Rainmaker.

See, two weeks ago Chris and I got on a call. By the time I was done with the call, I had the urge to get working harder!

I remember this happening to my friend Syed too (where after a call with Brogan, Syed spun up his new blog).

He asked, “What are you selling these days?” because I think he interacts with a lot of folks that sell online.

But if you've spent time here, you know I don't do a lot of selling. I use affiliate links to products I recommend. But other than that, most of the revenue I make (beyond my day job) comes from coaching and doing strategy work (offline).

So I told Chris I wasn't selling much, but that I had been thinking about a new eBook on membership sites. His reply? “Why not make it a course?”

Now, I had already purchased his Online Coursemaker. It's closed now, but you can let him know you're interested (when he launches 2.0). So I could see where this was going.

I'd already watched and done some of his homework, and I had a course outline.

So off to the studio I went to record 10 videos, and when I came back, it was time to test Rainmaker's LMS features.

Spoiling the Ending

Let me skip to the end. Yes, other than quizzes and certificates, Rainmaker has the core of what you need to make it work.

More importantly, it also brings with it several other things:

  • Hosting
  • Beautiful themes
  • Forums
  • Sales Pages
  • And more!

When you put that together, you'll see (below), how easy it was to create everything.

I timed my work. And here I'm only talking about click time in the browser with Rainmaker.

Total time spent: 4.75 hours

I'll be talking about this tonight with Chris in a new webinar he's hosting: Help others make money.

Behind the Scenes of my LMS using Rainmaker

So without any further ado, here's my behind the scenes look at the LMS features in Rainmaker.

If that doesn't win you over, I'm not sure much more will. Head over to the Rainmaker site to ask questions, or comment below!