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business-helpNeed business help?

If you're coming to my site, then you already know that I provide some specific coaching for WordPress companies – more for those creating products than services. But I'm also open to helping just about anyone who's working at building a real WordPress business.

That said, this isn't a post telling you all about the kinds of stuff I do. Instead I want to share with you some additional resources of my “competitors.” They're not really people I think of as competitors, which is why you see it in quotes.

It's true that they do some of the same things I do. But they also do it in different ways, and have different perspectives. So, in short, they're more complimentary than anything else.

He's been blogging for years – Curtis McHale

Curtis recently published a great book you'll want to read. But long before that, he's been blogging and creating some amazing content for folks who want business advice.

What I like about Curtis is that he's a straight-shooter that gives you his particular take on things, even as he's testing them out. So you know his advice is battle tested and applicable.

He's been interviewing people for years – Matt Mederios

Matt is best known for creating more podcasts than any other human on the internet (I joke!). Seriously, he's known for his video podcast, the Matt Report. It's a fantastic resource because Matt invites tons of folks on the show and interviews them to hear their best practices and lessons learned.

But here's what I love about Matt – he has his own business experience, honed in one of the world's best places to learn business (the car lot). I love car lots and all that you learn there. So it may be that I'm a bit biased. But he's sharp and practical and runs his own agency.

Someone needs to interview him about all he's learned – maybe it's you!

He's run his own product business and now an incubator – Troy Dean

I met Troy a couple years ago. He started asking me questions about building a membership site. I had no idea that it would eventually become WP Elevation! What a great resource!

Troy is also the guy behind VideoUserManuals – a product that has been sold all over the world with much success. So he's a product guy but also someone who regularly works on projects.

And if you've never heard his 101 things that can help you be a better freelancer, you need to watch it!

Remember yesterday's post on mentoring?

Yesterday I told you about different kinds of mentors. Well, here are some specific folks that could help you! Go check out their sites, read their blogs, buy their books, and sign up for their services.

And tell them I sent you (because it's always nice when they owe me one, right?).