Child Care for WordCamps


Over the last several days, I've been in several different conversations about how we support diversity in all things WordPress.

When you hear the word diversity, maybe you think of ethnicity. It's the first thing that hits me because I'm Latino. So even when others don't realize it and say things like, “I just think of you as white,” I still live an experience in the world around me as a Latino in the world.

But just like I'm a minority in one world, I'm the majority in another (men in the technology community).

So maybe you think of gender instead of ethnicity. Or maybe you hear the word and think about sexual orientation.

Whatever you think about, the reality is that supporting greater diversity is always a good thing.

WordCamp San Diego

Over the last several weeks I've been planning WordCamp San Diego for 2015 – with an amazing team of folks.

As the guy coordinating two of the tracks (Business – Products, Business – Services), I've been talking to people about speaking and coordinating our curriculum.

And what I noticed is that many are married with children. One of the speakers is married to a woman who is friends with my wife.

Her first question, when my wife asked if they were all coming to San Diego, was simply,

“What would we do with our kids?”

Single dads, single moms, and even married couples all have real world constraints placed on their schedules and weekend availability because of their children.

I'm not saying these constraints are bad. But they're real.

And that's why I'm looking into what it would take to provide some child care for WordCamps, particularly ours in San Diego (on the last weekend in March, 2015).

If I can swing it, I'll let you know. But I think it's important.

Because we don't want our tech events to only be a place for single people, regardless of how awesome they are.