Choose Transparency

I love hearing about and reading the stories of people who have blown up.

You know what I mean, you read a post like Pippin Williamson's about his year in review and you can't help but be encouraged to make your own moves.

I'm a huge fan of reading and studying the backgrounds of high performers.

What I notice is that I like the “behind the scenes” or background more than just the high performing results.

Today it made me think of a bomb that explodes. Do you know what the exciting part is?

Watching the fuse.

Seeing it, timing it, watching it, sensing when it will reach its destination. That's the exciting part.

So as you think about your business and your moves in the new year, don't hide the most exciting part of what you're doing.

Choose transparency—as it's that backstory, the process, that is the most exciting part of what you're about to do!