The Commoditization of Intellect


As I mentioned in my post the other day, I was the keynote presenter at WordCamp Los Angeles this past weekend. My topic was the commoditization of intellect. That's a fancy way of suggesting that things keep getting cheaper, easier and faster.

Of course the result is that we end up investing in the development of skills that later get automated – leaving us frustrated. It's why we often find ourselves saying “Goodbye to Know-How” – which you'll see was a repeated theme of our time together.

But the dynamic doesn't need to be frustrating. There are things we can learn from this dynamic that will put us in a better position to leverage our experiences.

My friends at VeloMedia were onsite to record the session and got me an early copy, just in case you missed it.

(Note: If you read my post about audience engagement, then you'll note that this wasn't one talk. It was a series of many smaller talks.)

The Commoditization of Intellect – WCLAX 2013

So what's your take?

As you think about your investments in skill development, are you also thinking about the deeper understanding of why the skill is valuable?

And as you watched the video, did you come up with your own conclusions? Do you have a different takeaway?

I'd love to hear it below.