Creating a Lightweight & Flexible Video Course

WordPress is the ultimate No Code Platform

Sometimes, when talking with people about online courses and the platforms out there, I hear that they don't want to choose WordPress because they don't know how to code and don't have a developer. My reply is always the same – WordPress is the ultimate no-code platform. And when it comes to a lightweight flexible video course, there's nothing better.

If you recall, I've suggested before that you may not need an LMS. I've also talked about the power of mini-courses.

So today I want to show you how to create a lightweight and completely flexible solution without writing any code at all. And you only need three components.

Sometimes you don't need an LMS plugin

But before I get into the stuff you need to pull this off, let's spend a second justifying my statement that you may not need a full blown LMS plugin for what you're building.

LMS plugins like LifterLMS are awesome. So are solutions that let you build memberships and online courses like Access Ally.

I recommend them regularly. But sometimes you have a single course, not a ton of them, you want a simple solution, and you have your 5-10 videos ready to go.

You don't want to spend days researching which solution is best. You also want the flexibility of doing things however you want to, not adhering to how a certain product works.

So what if there was a way to pull this off with complete flexibility and keeping it lightweight?

That's what I'm going to show you now.

Building a lightweight flexible video course

To watch this video and follow along with it, you're going to need four components – all of which I recommend:

  1. Restrict Content Pro (protects content for you)
  2. Presto Player – the best video player for YouTube & Vimeo videos
  3. FluentCRM – an easy way to do emails & automation in WordPress
  4. Uncanny Automator Pro – the glue that connects everything

These items make it easy to build anything you want – total flexibility. And still, they're completely lightweight so they won't slow your site down or cause you to spend tons of time setting things up.

In the video below, I'm going to show you all the parts and how they connect together.

Watch it all come together in this video

In this video I show you how I did it. And you'll see that using the list above really does make it super easy to pull off.

If you don't see that video because of how my email newsletter provider works, you can watch the video on YouTube by clicking on this link.