Crowdfunding with WordPress


If you've ever wanted to do crowdfunding with WordPress, the options are getting better and better.

A WordPress Crowdfunding Site

Just the other day, Pippin Williamson announced that he, and a group of WordPress folks were going to be kicking off a project called WP Fund It. That project will be specifically for WordPress projects, to help them get funded and I, for one, love the idea.

A New WordPress Plugin for Crowdfunding

Then, just yesterday, a new plugin appeared called AppThemer Crowdfunding. It's just in it's 0.2 release stage, but it really shines in two ways.

appthemerThe first way is that it integrates with Easy Digital Downloads – by Pippin Williamson. That's a great product and the fact that AppThemer Crowdfunding sits on top of it says that this combo will be remarkable.

The second way is that the guys behind AppThemer are also creating a beautiful theme (announced at the bottom of the plugin notes). I may or may not have seen this theme (all rumors for now), and it may or may not appear on Themeforest this next week. But I can tell you that it's all made up of pure awesome!

Crowdfunding with WordPress on WooCommerce 2.0

Of course the last way is the plugin my friend and I started working on months ago. We've just updated the plugin, which you can find for free over at GitHub. While I published it there because I wasn't going to actively sell it, a couple of friends needed it for their own projects, so we've been tweaking and adjusting it to work with the latest version of WooCommerce (which also rocks)! Our approach uses Stripe – which I love.


Oh, and the list won't stop..because you know others are bringing additional options to the table, like the folks from IgnitionDeck (which I've not actually checked out yet).

Crowdfunding with WordPress doesn't have to be challenging

In the past, if you wanted to create a single crowd-sponsored project site, you were out of luck or stuck using a combination of iframes and redirects. Or you could put your project out on kickstarter or indiegogo. But today things are changing.

If you want a kickstarter or indiegogo site where you can let users create their own projects, you can use AppThemer Crowdfunding. Or you can use my Sponsorship plugin on GitHub which works a bit differently, giving the site owner control to create specific projects.

Either way, the old days are gone and new ones have arrived.