Curated People

Content curation is everything

Are you a social media pro? Are you a blogger? If you're either, then it's likely you've been told by someone that one of the things you have to get good at is “content curation.” For the purposes of this discussion, let's agree that content curation means three things:

  1. Finding valuable content that your audience will appreciate
  2. Creating a reference (link) to that content for your audience
  3. Adding your own value to the reference (ideas, questions, quotes)

We on the same page about what it is? Great.

And do we agree that if you could be the go-to person in an area, the person others trust to find and share only the most valuable content in that space, you'd be very valuable? I think so. And that's why everyone is telling everyone else that content curation is where it's at.

Find your tribe. Share great and compelling information with them. And sooner or later, you'll develop your brand as a trusted resource.

I agree with all of the above…but it's all empty to me….

Content curation is nothing

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I'll just admit that tons of curated content passes me by without a second thought. All those tweets. All those linked posts. Much of my Facebook wall. I just ignore it. Why? Because I don't need it. I've grown accustomed to Google. So when I actually do need it, I go searching. And I trust that the all-powerful search engine, along with a lot of likes, pluses, and favorites will naturally bring the best content to the surface for me to find when I need it. Or I chat with someone I trust and get a referral.

I'm busy. I have tons of RSS feeds I'm subscribed to. I have RSS readers, even mobile ones. But I don't read it all. Maybe 20% of them. I know, I'm bad. Very, very bad.

But maybe it's because I don't want curated content. I want something else.

There's something more important…curated people.

I want curated people. I know – it's a strange concept. But it works for me.

I'm constantly looking for great people, not great content. Maybe a better way to say it is I'm constantly looking for great people (who produce great content & products). And when I find them, I do three things:

  1. I give them my money. Easily, without debate. I want them around for a long time. So I buy their products. I send them work. I buy support.
  2. I recommend their products. All the time. Wholeheartedly. To everyone I know.
  3. I write about them and link back to their sites. In this digital world, giving them a little link juice is always good stuff. So I do it. It doesn't cost me anything.

What about you? Are you a curator of people?

I tend to think we all do this. That I'm not all that unique. But we don't talk about it. So here's your call to action – and I'm being specific and blatant. In my comment section, tell me who you're wild and crazy about. I want to know about them and check them out!

Want three from me? These are valuable if you're in the WordPress space. If you want other kinds of folks, keep reading articles, I'm constantly peppering them with links to curated people.

  • Cory Miller, CEO of iThemes – you may know him for his WordPress themes or plugins, but he's running an entrepreneurial lab you should check out.
  • Pippin Williamson, the guy behind Pippin's plugins. His plugins are great – truly awesome. But his educational articles are some of the best around.
  • Jason Coleman, the dude behind Paid Memberships Pro. Membership plugins are everywhere but he is doing amazing things and giving them away.

Now it's your turn…