My eBook Writing Secret

ebook writing secret

When people read my eBooks they constantly remark that it feels like I was just talking with them. They have a conversational tone to them.

I've told you how important it is to be authentic when finding your voice for writing.

Well the same goes for writing eBooks. Stay true to your voice. Stay you.

And my trick for writing eBooks leverages that approach. Because my secret isn't about writing at all.

I've told people forever that I don't really consider myself much of a writer. It's true.

But I am a talker.

So when I get ready to write an eBook, I don't sit at a computer and type.

Instead, I speak into my iPhone, using an app by

That's right. I don't write my eBooks. I speak them.

The iPhone app isn't different from many apps that record your audio.

What's different is what happens after I record each chapter. Because the app let's me send the audio files to the online site.

Because I've set up an account at, all I have to do is request a transcript, and they will get to work.

These aren't computer-generated transcripts. They're human folks that work on transcripts.

And in an hour or two I get an email with a Word doc that has my chapter all typed out.

Sure, I still need to hire an editor to review and format it, but the major work is done.

All because I use Rev and talk into my iPhone.

I can't tell you how fast and easy it is because I'm a better storyteller and public speaker than I am a writer.

And the result is an eBook that feels like I'm talking to you. Which, it turns out, is easier and more enjoyable to read.

So check out