eLearning on WordPress is getting better every day


If you pay attention to all the changes surrounding eLearning on WordPress, then you likely noticed that several companies have updated their products.


Two weeks ago, LearnDash rolled out their latest version – the best part of which includes automatic course expiration.

Just like at regular school, you don't get access to a class after the semester ends. Now you can do it with online courses as well.

And if you missed it, they recently announced integration with Gravity Forms for even better course sign ups.

WP Courseware

Last week WP Courseware and iThemes made maybe my favorite announcement of all time when it comes to eLearning on WordPress.

iThemes shared it in their own post and show you, via screenshots, how the integration works with Exchange, their eCommerce and membership plugin.

WP Courseware also announced it, with their own coupon as well as a great video that walks you through how awesome this integration is.

I especially love it because of the tiny part I got to play in the integration. In mid-August I send emails to both companies suggesting that they work together.

Amazingly, and not surprisingly, they each had been considering it already. All they needed was a tiny push.

WooThemes Sensei

And, in case you missed it earlier this summer, WooThemes released an in-depth case study of a company's use of Sensei – their eLearning solution – for their business.

I'm currently using Sensei on a project right now and can tell you that it's integration with WooCommerce is awesome.

What's this mean for you?

The result of all of this is pretty simple. Because what it means to you is that eLearning on WordPress continues to be a space that is growing and developing.

That means you'll be the recipient of more and more advances in features and integrations. And that is good news.

Of course I couldn't end this post without mentioning that just days ago WPMUDev released a free solution that could be very interesting. I just haven't had time to review it yet.