Envira Gallery: He’s no ordinary guy, This is no ordinary plugin


We've all seen the film, right?

You've likely seen the movie where the guy's odds are ridiculous but he steps into the fight anyway. Right?

I know, you're wondering which movie? And which guy? Because that describes so many movies and so many guys.

But the same dynamic holds true for all of those stories – the ones we embrace and cherish. It's the fact that the odds are completely against him and yet, that doesn't stop him.

  • The Rookie
  • Rudy
  • Rocky

I wish I could tell you that this was another one of those stories. From the outside, I guess you'd see it that way. But if you know Thomas Griffin, you know he's a force to be reckoned with, not an underdog.

But he's just one guy.

Alone. Trying to destroy crappy plugins left and right and create fast, high-performing, useful plugins that deliver value to every single person who comes near.

Standing in his way initially were sliders. But that didn't stop him. He took them on. And today I don't think you can debate that Soliloquy is an awesome slider, even for people who don't like sliders.

But he didn't stop there.

Next up? NextGen.

He decided that even though there already was an 800lb gorilla in the market, NextGen Gallery, he didn't care.

It was difficult to use, with complicated code, and didn't load quickly – especially if you put more than one gallery on a page.

So he created Envira Gallery.

It's beautiful. It's amazing. It's fast. It's simple.

And that's the main point, isn't it? That's what winning looks like – remarkably easy to use is the bar that Thomas sets whenever he creates a product.

I've been using the pre-release. But now it's available for you too.

So you tell me…

So go check it out. And then tell me if you think we need to start crowdfunding a new film called “Thomas” to go with all those “r” movies.