Finding Your Blogging Voice


I don't know how many times I've heard “Just write epic content” as a suggestion but I think it sucks when helping people get started with blogging.

That's why I'd like to share with you my three steps to finding your blogging voice.

One: Write like you speak

Everyone has a different approach to conversation. Some folks are more formal. Others are prone to exaggeration. Some tell jokes and others tell stories.

Most people fall into the trap of assuming that there's a single way to write blog posts. It's not true.

You don't need to find your voice. You already have it. Finding your blogging voice is all about tapping into your existing voice.

Because the most important aspect of your blog is authenticity.

Without it you'll lose your audience in 6 seconds.

Two: Have an opinion

As you're developing your blog, you're looking to gather an audience.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to make your take on things clear to your readers.

Sure, some folks will disagree with you and never come back. But that's not important.

What's important is the folks who stay. And the way you keep them is by being clear about your perspective.

It's exactly how we make new friends, right? We listen to them speak and if we like what we hear, we might think “They're smart. I like them.”

Finding your writing voice is a lot like finding your social scene. It's driven primarily by synching perspectives.

Three: Develop an approach

To be clear, you don't need this on day one. There's nothing better than just getting started.

But shortly after starting, I find it's helpful to create a couple structures that help your writing go faster while also helping it be a bit more predictable.

By predictable I don't mean your content. I mean your content structure. When I watch movies the structures are predictable but the content isn't.

Whether you start with a video, tell stories, introduce people to research, show data, or simply answer questions is up to you.

But it will help people know what to expect and will help you produce content faster because you won't be starting from scratch each time you write.

So there you have it. Want more? Here are some other posts I've written that may help you too.

And if you have questions, you know you can always schedule time with me via Clarity.