Five Things You May Not Know about GoDaddy

GoDaddy was on WPwatercooler

Last week we had the GM of Hosting for GoDaddy and their evangelist both on the WPwatercooler show. If you don't know yet, WPwatercooler is the most watched YouTube show covering WordPress in a weekly 30-minute Google Hangout podcast.

Over 4MM views on more than 150 shows isn't half bad, in my opinion. But I'm biased, I'm the show's producer.

If you missed the show, you can visit the episode directly on YouTube, or watch it below.

Five things you may not know about GoDaddy

5. They have millions of WordPress customers

Single-handedly, they're bringing more people to WordPress than anyone else. Gotta give them mad respect for that. Especially when you see #4.

4. They have a new WordPress hosting solution that isn't “shared hosting.”

This has wp-cli, git integration, staging, varnish cache and everything your developer wants you to have. The pro plan is pretty awesome.

3. Your SSL certificate on the GoDaddy Pro offering is free for the first year.

On the Ultimate plan, which costs people $9 a month, the SSL certificate is free for the first year. Other places can charge you a hundred or more for that same feature.

2. Your email is included for free!

Every single plan comes with an (optional) email – also free for the first year. If you didn't know, GoDaddy is a large provider of hosted email as well.

1. They have over 3000 customer support agents

These people are answering the phone. Not just email or tickets. Actual phone support!


Wait…are we talking about GoDaddy?

For years I've been someone who's told you that if you're getting hosting from GoDaddy, you should save the money you're not spending on hosting to pay for someone to help you later when things go poorly.

Well, the good news is that things have changed. From a new CEO, to a new executive team, to changes in their marketing, to a brand new WordPress offering that developers might like, everything has been redone.

[tweet “I've tried the new GoDaddy Pro and come away impressed.”]

And so, to that end, I thought I would highlight to you all that this is an offering you might want to check out.

I've tried it and come away impressed.