Four WordPress Lifetime Deals

This post is being written on June 25th at 10:45 pm (central time). It is time-sensitive, and by the time you read it, these deals may not be available. That's not my fault. It's not anyone's fault. I just don't want you circling back to me telling me these deals aren't available anymore.

I almost never recommend any WordPress lifetime deals

In the early days of WordPress, lifetime deals were crazy (and awesome). If you signed up for Gravity Forms early on, it felt criminal to never send them any further money.

I ended up buying lifetime deals for Ninja Forms and even Restrict Content Pro.

But other than that, I almost never recommend buying any WordPress lifetime deals because I don't see myself using those plugins for a lifetime.

4 WordPress lifetime deals I highly recommend to site & store builders

I didn't start the week planning on buying or recommending four lifetime deals for WordPress plugins, but you can't plan ahead for this kind of stuff!

But these four deals are noteworthy.

Smart Quiz Builder

I wrote about this plugin not too long ago when I showed you how to build a little recommendation engine. What I didn't show you in that tutorial was how to use it for lead generation. You can create fun quizzes that collect people's contact information – and it's fast and easy.

I know you can figure out how to do it with form plugins, but nothing is this powerful and this easy. I keep putting a spotlight on Veena (the developer of SQB) because she's incredible. But now SQB is on Appsumo and is offering a lifetime deal for $49.

Trust me when I tell you that I think you need this. Every. One. Of. You.

Fluent Forms

As I mentioned before, I already own the lifetime deals on Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, and Gravity Forms. So why purchase another lifetime deal on Fluent Forms?

Because I can't get enough when it comes to forms.

As v4.0 came out, Fluent Forms sent me an email and this was a WordPress lifetime deal I wasn't going to pass up. I use forms for all sorts of things. So I pulled the trigger.

Simply Static Pro

Ok, if you've been following stuff in the WordPress space for the last year or so, things are getting hot around the topic of headless and static. It's all about making WordPress really fast – using techniques beyond caching.

My leadership blog is static and powered by Strattic.

But that hasn't meant I haven't been watching any of the other players in the space, and today I dug in deeper on Simply Static Pro and bought the unlimited lifetime license.


This is for folks that build WooCommerce stores. If you are building funnels and automations, you have likely heard about WooFunnels – they made the list in my post about post-purchase offerings.

Well, they're having a third anniversary LTD that is bonkers. I was already a paying customer, but on a yearly plan. So I nixed those and signed up for this lifetime deal because it's too good to last – especially if you build anything with WooCommerce.

Sometimes you just have to act!

I never expected to buy any of these, much less all of them. But I highly recommend them to you and if you check them out, I think you'll come to the same conclusion.