Getting MailChimp to Send my Blog Posts to your Inbox

easy-email-newslettersI often start my posts…

I often start by saying “the other day, someone asked…” and you might think it's because I'm boring and have no other ways to start an article. But the truth is that I only write it like that when it happens. And it happens that I get a lot of questions on the site, in comments, and on the various Facebook groups I'm a part of. But so that you're not bored, let's start this a different way.

Imagine a training course where you could learn everything you needed to know that would improve your efficiency, boost your confidence, help you think about your business the right way, teach you the skills you need to compete – not just today but for tomorrow as well. Let's say it was a course that would give you valuable stuff every month – nay, every week – and you could have access to it forever – a lifetime membership, if you will.

How much would you pay for a lifetime membership to a continually growing body of work that would deliver those results?

Think about it – if it improved your productivity 20% and reduced the number of times you make silly mistakes that cost you all the profit – that could be a 30-40% swing. What's your year worth? Now take 30% of that. How much is that?

Now be honest with me…

What do you think is going to happen next? Do you think I'm about to pitch you on why you should pay just a tiny percent of that to me for a new online class I'm creating? Some of you are already getting your credit cards out. I know it. And I did promise I'd be launching some new online courses. So you're thinking this is it.

Well, it's not.

Instead, I give you – where hopefully you can get all that, for a lifetime, for free.

  • I write a daily post with one single agenda – to make sure you're better every day.
  • Your productivity is improving.
  • Your confidence is growing.
  • Your thinking about thinks the right way.

Sure, I will be offering a few courses, but my new one will be a Google-hangout-based one that will only be for 9 people. So you'll want to be on the lookout for that announcement.

But wait…. I know you're wondering….

What's the end game? Why would I give you all that for free? What do I get out of it? That's a story for another day.

But if you want to know how to repay me, here it is. Sign up to get my posts daily so you not only have them online but in your inbox. The sign up is there on the right (orange box), or below in the black box.

How was that for a different intro than, “the other day…”

Getting Blog Posts to your Inbox

But honestly, let's get back to the answer to the question posed to me the other day – how to get blog posts into people's inboxes. Here's the video where I walk you thru every single step.