Five Things I Love about GoDaddy

I know I spend a lot of time telling people not to host their WordPress sites on GoDaddy, but I want to be clear. There are some great things about GoDaddy. Here are my top five

5. They are a pretty solid domain registrar.

I'm sure you can find cheaper registrars for  your domain names but when I was paying $15 or $20 per domain, they showed up and were charging me half that. So I love their domain registration.

4. They let me transfer domains to other GoDaddy folks quickly.

If you've ever had to transfer a domain to someone else, you know it can be a pain. But when you transfer a domain to another GoDaddy account, it's not really a “transfer”. Instead you're just changing account owners and they do that spectacularly well. It's so easy to move 20 domains over to a friend or company that is ready to manage them.

3. The GoDaddy Blog is great!

Now, I don't really mean the GoDaddy blog (not sure there is one), but I mean the blog of the owner – Bob Parsons. His site – – is fun, opinionated, and engaging. If you haven't checked it out, you should. My only complaint is that it doesn't look like it's a WordPress site…but hey, you can't win em all.

2. Have you seen their SuperBowl ads?

Come on, seriously? When you first saw that superbowl ad, did you have any idea what they did? But who cared? People were talking about them and were finding them online. Now I'm not suggesting you follow their lead in ad creation but I will say, they were one of the first to only put part of a commercial on television and the rest online. That sense of hybrid marketing was an innovative model to drive site engagement.

1. The GoDaddy Girls

While initially, it was all about the sexy models, there's a girl power thing going on when you get Danica Patrick to sell for you. Oh, and yeah, they look cute too. So girl power plus cute is a winning combo—duh!

What I left out…

Now, so we're clear…what I left out was WordPress hosting. I don't like them for that. So if you're looking for a hosting provider, check out wpEngine, or search for “managed WordPress hosting” to find a great set of hosting options. Like I said, GoDaddy isn't all bad.