Guess what? WordPress companies are hiring!


That's my buddy Steve. He's hiring.

Steve is the founder of Zeek Interactive, folks who build mobile and WordPress applications and sites. And as you can guess, he's hiring.


That's my friend, Brad. He's hiring.

Brad is one of the founders of WebDev Studios. They work on projects like the recent Microsoft Surface blog. And you guessed it, he's hiring.


Do you know Karim? He's hiring.

Karim is the CEO of Crowd Favorite. They work on enterprise WordPress projects for the Fortune 500. You know what I'm going to say, right? He's hiring.


That's the room for the latest 10up retreat. I think they may be hiring too.

You look at the room, and all those chairs. That's a big room with a lot of staff. But 10up's founder, Jake Goldman, may have mentioned on twitter recently that they're still hiring. (I kid, they're hiring.)

So how do you decide where to work?

Zeek is a small company. WDS has over 20 staff. Crowd Favorite has just over 50 and 10up is over 60.

So maybe company and team size impacts your choice. But what if it doesn't?

They all work on interesting projects with great clients.

Their cultures are distinct but all are pretty great. They get together to train and keep their staff engaged.

I'm pretty sure that it will likely come down to three questions.

  1. Are they looking for someone with your background/experience? Don't assume. Find out.
  2. Is there someone there you can learn from, and will you have access to them? You'll learn more, faster, when you work with brilliant people.
  3. Do they have a plan for your education and growth? You don't want to work at a place where you're just filling a seat. That said, I don't think you have to worry much with these companies.

I hope you also know you don't need to join any of them. I've written tons of articles to help you work independently, which are available to you for free.

But if you do head to one of these spots, tell them I sent you. And tell me. I'll call them up for the referral fee. 🙂