When was the last time you looked at Headway Themes?

Is it wrong to use the Christmas story – the story of a baby whose parents had to spend the night with farm animals because there wasn't room in all the normal places – to challenge you?


So I won't get into it…at least not too much. But I'll just say it like this – can you imagine being one of the several inn keepers who couldn't be bothered to be creative – only to find out later that the couple that needed a place to sleep were important people?

I ask you this because I find that in my life – not just at work, but in many areas of my life – it's easy to take things for granted.

It's easy to miss things that are right in front of my face.

  • Family.
  • Friendships.
  • Free time to read.

The last few days, I've enjoyed a tremendous amount of free time with my family. It's part of a two-week vacation from work – something I've not done in ten years.

And so while I was relaxing in my big chair, I started going thru email and found one from Headway Themes – you know, the original drag and drop theme folks for WordPress.

They were letting me know that everything was 35% off (using this code: Holidays35).

I like the folks over at Headway Themes. They've overhauled their site again, and I love the refresh. I especially like that they're clear on their target market – highlighting how they meet the needs of the various personas that show up to their site:

  • Do it yourself-ers
  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Developers

They're clear on their value proposition for each segment.

I realized it had been a couple releases since I had dug into their stuff – just after they announced their new templates.

So I pulled the theme down and started playing with it.


It was fun and easy to upload a template, see it come to life on the site, and then go into the visual editor to make some tweaks.

But my point isn't to tell you that you have to go check out Headway.

My point is to challenge you to look at all the things you've taken for granted, or skipped over, and really give things a second look.

Because when you do that, you might just find out things have changed while you've been away. You might find that what you thought was not worthwhile or useful is suddenly important and very useful.

And you won't know, if you don't take second glances.