Higgs Boson: 5 ways it’s related to WordPress

It's likely you've heard about the recent buzz and potential announcement related to the Higgs Boson. Well, what you haven't heard is how it's related to WordPress. You can only get that here. So here they are—5 ways they're related:

  1. Particle physicists still don't know if a Higgs field exists and almost none of them know that WordPress exists (but it does and particle physicists would love it!).
  2. Most people still don't understand either one (WordPress isn't just for blogs).
  3. Both require high-performance equipment to really make them work (hint: check out managed WordPress hosting providers).
  4. Once discovered and leveraged correctly, it will change everything!
  5. One explains a particular theory gaining traction about how particles gain mass and the other one helps the masses get traction without theories.

You can get started with WordPress easily here. For particle accelerators you need to go to CERN!