High Performance is a Choice

My friends SyedBrian & Curtis have written about habits they embrace to be high performers. They're great articles and you should read them.

What you should also know is that reading them is a bit like heading to the gym and meeting with a trainer.

Trainers at the gym

When you head to the gym on that first appointment, they'll ask you about your goals. They'll weigh you. And they may even walk you around the gym so that you can learn what all the machines do.

Then, most of them will create a plan for you – which often includes a sort of rotation around a circuit of machines. They may add some cardio up front, and then get you to lift some weights.

Every session you adjust your routine so that your body can let some parts rest while others work out.

The trainer counts off your repetitions and motivates you to get to the end of a particularly hard set.

You end the session, go home, take a shower and get ready to go back the next day, right?

They can't work out for you

Notice what they don't do? The trainers don't do the workout for you.

They can't. Because it won't help you. Sure you are paying them, but not to do the work.

Only you can do the work.

And that only happens if you show up and do the work.

Most people don't hire trainers. They buy memberships and then stop going to the gym.

High Performance is a choice

It doesn't matter if you're into Getting Things Done, or into Inbox Zero. It doesn't matter if you follow the life / time management hacks that you read online, or apply the valuable insights from Brian, Curtis & Syed.

In the end, you have to make a choice – a choice that you want to be a high performer.

If not, what does it matter if someone tells you to read every day?

What's the point of talking about personal growth and development, if you don't feel like doing the work?

In the end, what counts is that you first recognize that high performance is a choice (for and against things), and that second, you make the choice for high performance.

Only then will the habits of high performers matter to you.

High Performance Habits

That said, if you want to know what high performance habits I think are important, here's the list of them.

And below that list, you'll see the link to the book I wrote about high performance habits.



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