How to add subtitles to a video quickly and easily (for free)

My iPhone is always muted

We were sitting in a conference room when someone started getting SMS messages. That's what we called them before we called them “texts.” It was a long time ago. But the point was that every message that came in made their phone ding. And then ding again.

From that day, no joke, until today, I've kept my phone on mute. And that was more than 20 years ago. Because as a young guy in a room with people much older and more important than me, I watched how annoyed they were with the interruption.

Of course today our entire existence is one interruption after another. But when it comes to video, and watching it on my phone, I'm not always going to want the sound to come on. And that's where today's tip comes in – how to add subtitles to a video quickly and easily.

Learning how to add subtitles to a video is key

A couple years ago a client called me in a bit of an urgent rush. I was at a conference at the time so I remember stepping away from the crowd to heard them as they explained they had their own customer who wanted the videos in the training program we had created to have subtitles.

My customer had no clue how to make this happen.

So I looked it up, found a vendor that I could send all 12 videos to, and waited for a special file. Each file that was sent to me was uploaded to the video hosting site, and attached to each video.

My customer was thrilled because I was able to make all of this happen in about 6 hours.

Imagine what they'd feel like today if I showed them how to add subtitles to a video in less than 5 minutes!

Check out and their pricing

Last night I recorded a quick 4 minute video. Then I uploaded it to and configured the look of the subtitles. And in less than 5 minutes, they had auto-magically created the subtitles for my video.

They give you complete control over those subtitles so you can edit any mistakes. In my case, as I was talking about cars, they but “break” instead of “brake” and that was it. 3 tweaks and it was perfect. (If you're reading my newsletter and this video doesn't show up, you can watch it directly here.) allows you to style how you want your subtitles to look. And they have an entire brand setting area where you can pick your core brand colors, add logos, and more. All of this helps the video feel more like your own.

But did I mention it was free? If you create short videos and don't worry about their watermark, it's completely free to add subtitles to your videos. How crazy is that?!?

You can do more than adding subtitles

Normally, when I think about interactive content, I think about puzzles, quizzes, recommendation engines and more. But the truth is, adding subtitles to this video makes me just as engaged, even if I'm not doing anything. Because I'm no longer just listening, I'm also reading.

But subtitles isn't the only thing that does. It also makes video editing super easy (if you're into that whole editing a video kind of thing). Check them out. I'm positive you'll be as impressed as I have been.