How to use my Contact Form


Using my Contact Form


Tips on Drawing my Attention

Just to recap:

  1. If it's an article idea, use my form, rather than my contact form.
  2. If it's a question related to an article, post it in the comments.
  3. Use my contact form to send me a message.

Now on to the tips:

Spend some time on my site.
Know the kinds of things I'm excited about. That will help you make your pitch. I don't help any random startup. I help folks doing interesting things. And by interesting, I mean interesting to me.

Make specific requests for help.
I only help when I know I can add immediate value, so make sure your request is clear about what you're specifically looking for help with. I don't want generic and random requests. I want specific ones.

Tell me what you've done already.
I'll never work harder than you. So tell me what you've done already. I don't plan to do everything you couldn't do. After all, I already have a full time job. I don't need another.

Keep it short.
I want the 30 second version. If you don't have the 30-second version, work on it. Come back later, when you do.

Let's talk budgets.
How much have you spent already? How much do you have to spend? I know it's crazy to talk budgets so early, but if you are broke and are looking for financing, I'm not your guy. And I won't connect you to money folks I know.