I say no a lot, and 14 other quick lessons

I say no a lotA long time ago, I read a book by John Grisham. You know, the guy that writes courtroom thrillers.

Turns out, I was reading the first book he wrote. And it apparently hadn't sold well until his other books took off. Then people wanted to go back and read his other stuff.

While The Firm and Pelican Brief are books a lot of my friends love best, A Time To Kill will always be the one I remember because it's how I discovered John Grisham.

I say no a lot – and more

So tonight, as I was testing out some code and plugins, I found a list of 15 lessons I had recorded for my clients, some three years ago.

In fact, it's maybe the oldest stuff of mine that I haven't ever deleted, because I forgot they were even there. All the rest of my old stuff disappeared when I restarted this blog two years ago – because I wasn't using the site for customers anymore.

But I listened to them and realized the sound quality was decent enough and the content was maybe useful enough, that you might want to hear these 15 lessons.

So I thought I would bring them back and put them here on this page in case you found yourself wanting to hear them.

My old “podcast”

(Don't see the player above? Go here.)

Three Takeaways

You'll notice three things if you listen to a few of those lessons.

First: I sucked at naming and titles

When you have a command audience (like existing clients), you don't worry about titles. Today I would totally go back and create informative and helpful titles to each post.

Second: I can't make a point without a story

I listened to a couple and immediately caught the fact that I can't help but explain a point with a story – almost every time. It's my tried and true approach to sharing information.

Third: I haven't changed all that much

I'm sure there's something in there that I'll regret saying. As we get older and wiser, we do that. But the fact that I felt like “Saying no” was important enough to create its own recording suggests I'm still the same guy. For as much as we change, we don't really. Know what I mean?

What about you?

Do you have a core set of beliefs or lessons that have driven how you do business? Maybe it's not centered around saying no, but it's likely equally important to you. Do you know them? Have them articulated for others to see and understand?

Do you have interesting or useful information that's in a closet, desk drawer, or somewhere else, that might be useful to someone else?

If so, share it! And tell me about it below – I'd love to check it out!