Impostors, Fakers, Posers, And the Insecure: this is for you!

impostor-syndrome-wcphx-talkNormally we talk about impostors, fakers, and posers in a negative way. But there are a lot of folks that deal with the impostor syndrome.

This past January I spent about thirty five minutes talking with folks about feeling like an impostor and how to get past it.

If you're dealing with the impostor syndrome, getting past it starts by

  • Being honest about it (and talk about it)
  • Getting perspective (find friends who can be honest about what you're good at)
  • Talking about it (entering into a public discussion about it)
  • Asking questions (stop worrying about looking lame)
  • helping others

I've written about it before, but this time I thought you might like to see the talk.

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