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infinitewpLifetimeRemote WordPress Management

These days there are several names in remote management solutions for WordPress sites: InfiniteWP, WPRemote, iControlWP, and ManageWP. If you've not heard of these names or not tried any of them, and you manage more than one site, you really should check them out.

In short, remote WordPress management focuses on your ability to backup and update several sites from within one single interface. These solutions do that – some with greater features than others.

Been there, done that

I don't do a lot of  remote management these days. But at one point, before all these solutions existed, I was managing several WordPress sites for our company, Emphasys Software (close to 40, now over 200).  Eventually I got smart and handed it off to someone else, but I remember the pain of updating each one, updating plugins on each, adding a plugin to all of them, and all that kind of work – it was deathly. I hated it.

This isn't a comparison post

I've written a decent number of WordPress comparison posts. This isn't one of them. I'm currently at work on a longer one that looks at the differences between these solutions and when you'd pick each one. But that won't go live for a week weeks. Those take time, after all.

Instead, I wanted to let you know about a promotion that InfiniteWP is going. But it's time sensitive.

They're offering you access to all their current add-ons, plus everything in the future for only $699. That's a nice deal if you look at all they're offering and what they expect to offer in the future.

I recently introduced InfiniteWP to a friend who has fallen in love with it for their larger clients. They needed a private version and for that, I suggested they check them out. They're thrilled.

And you can be too.

Do you want to be Thrilled?

Here's what I'm going to do. Having gone back and forth with those guys on twitter and email, I've arranged to offer one person a $200 discount on their discount – making the lifetime offer under $500.

Here's what you need to do.

  1. Tweet a link to this page, with @chrislema in it so I can see it.
  2. Comment below on why you think you deserve it.
  3. Sign up, if you haven't already, to my email list (orange box on the right).

In the next 24 hours, I'll contact you and tell you how to sign up for under $500.