Keep your head up!

Someone is going to unsubscribe from my list today because this post isn't about WordPress. Or it's not about presentations. Or membership sites.  Somehow I've let them down for one of these reasons.

Or for some other reason.

And they're going to unsubscribe via MailChimp. They may even leave me a note:

  • Why the whole post in email?
  • Too long.
  • Too many links to other places.
  • Choose a better font.
  • Too many emails (which I think means they get too many)
  • Too much (which I think means I write too much)

They may even mark it “spam” or “never signed up” or “inappropriate.”

But I don't sell much on this site, so I don't think I qualify for “spam.” And I never import signups. And I'm pretty sure there's only one post of the 900+ that has a foul word.

I'll scratch my head.

I'll wonder what I can do to get better (some of you will leave comments and then unsubscribe).

And then, I'll realize something. Maybe something you need to remember as well.

The world is filled with a lot of people. I'm trying to help a few. Not all. That's impossible.

So when I think about my funeral (some day in the future), I'm not going to ask what will the people say who unsubscribed and thought my ideas sucked. I'm not going to ask if I've done right by the people who don't show.

When I think of that day – hopefully a long time from now – I'm optimizing for the folks who show up.

I sit down to write most days with the intention to help those who want it, and who enjoy how I share what I share. Not the ones that don't.

I'm not mad at the folks that want to learn in a different way. I'm just not set up to optimize for them.

I don't know if this makes sense. I don't know if you're in a place where you need to hear it.

But let me make it really clear for you.

  • Go with the goers.
  • Lead those who will follow.
  • Keep your head up.
  • Optimize for impact, not approval.

Tell your friends:

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