Knowledge begs to be shared

I don't know if you've ever played hide and seek, but imagine playing the game where someone hides so well that no one can find them. It gets so bad that when the game is all over, they're hidden so well they can't even hear people calling out that it's over. And so what started as a game turns into a search and rescue because someone's missing.

First, it happened to my childhood friend, Scott. He crawled into the back of a closet under the stairs of his house and promptly fell asleep. So when his pair of brothers went looking for him, he was no where to be found. And it turned into, hours later, phone calls to people like my mom (and maybe even the police) because he'd gone missing.

Eventually he woke up and walked out – curious to response of relief (and frustration that he got).

Then it happened to me and a friend – at a church. I know, you don't think of churches as the place where kids play hide and seek, but it's a common jr and sr high game. And I picked a spot that ended up getting me in trouble because no one ever found us and we couldn't hear people calling out to us.

The moral of this story is that hide and seek should be played with cell phones so you can call someone to tell them the game is over. Just kidding.

But think about how frustrating it is when something is hidden and people eventually stop looking. The game is no fun.

This is why I've started a leadership blog.

If that transition is curious, it's really straightforward to me. Knowledge doesn't want to be hidden. It begs to be shared.

And if you keep it hidden long enough, people just assume it doesn't exist and stop looking for it.

So I've created a new site called

The idea for the site comes from the fact that most of my management of software engineers in product development over the last twenty years has revolved around insights that are easy to learn, and may help you.

The site includes my leadership mantras, that are short. They have to be short because they're used in managing people. Once they're understood, you can use them as shorthand.

But if I wrote them here on this site, it would be distracting to lots of folks who only care about WordPress stuff.

So instead, I created a new site – one that I hope you'll check out. Because if you manage people, and you want to build a high performing team, this is stuff that works.

And it's knowledge that begs to be shared.