Make someone’s day

I don't watch a lot of music videos but I saw this one initially on FaceBook and was captivated immediately by the story of it all.

At some point in December, last year, Maroon 5 drove around LA and crashed weddings, surprising wedding guests and couples alike.

Whether you're a Maroon 5 fan or not, it's a video we can all learn from.

Watch it again. But this time pay attention to the reaction of the couples. Look closely.

What do you notice?

Did you catch the moments when the bride or groom got hugged? From the other?

It's not like one of the pair planned Adam's appearance. It's not like they deserved that hug.

The hug wasn't transactional. It was driven from joy and delight.

Something Adam did, where he used his talent and fame, brought enough delight to each of them, that the expression of their joy cascaded to their mate in the form of a hug.

It's the start of a week. You have a lot on your place. I get that.

But let me ask this question – and challenge you in this way.

How can you use your talent, your fame, your resources – how can you use it to create this level of delight?

I know, we're not as famous as Maroon 5. I get that.

But maybe you can help a person with rent next month. It will likely be as big a memory for them (if they're about to be evicted).

Maybe you can solve a person's technology challenge that is limiting the start of their business. They'll remember it for years (if their business finally gets the push it needs).

I could go on. But it's about you. In the situations you find yourself in.

Open your eyes. Open those ears. And look and listen for the moments where you can have an incredible impact.

Maybe you need permission. Here it is.

Go make someone's day.