Marriage, family, And work: Managing for Happiness

Do you know David Henzel?

I met David several years ago, and he was already someone to pay attention to. We were in Las Vegas at a conference and was already a serial entrepreneur working on the latest business he'd help co-found, MaxCDN. Listening to him talk at dinner that night, I knew I wanted more time with him and the other guy I met that night, Syed Balkhi.

The business conversations were great, as we talked about his eCommerce past, and the work he was doing with MaxCDN—which recently was sold. But what I appreciated about David most was his depth when talking about life.

We're both parents. We're both married. We're both entrepreneurs.

And we've both spent hours talking about the challenges of being all those things at once.

Marriage, Family & Work—it's hard stuff

Today my life—my wife, my work, my kids—are doing well. The first years of my traveling a lot were hard. But we've figured out a few things.

But things weren't always easy. See if this sounds familiar.

My friend David similarly went thru his own stuff and figured out, with his wife, how to manage the dynamics of family life while being an entrepreneur.

And he put it all into this course called Managing Happiness.

Managing for happiness

Why should you listen to David? Well, let me help you think about it this way…

David just sold his company. He could do anything. He could travel. He could relax and buy cars and boats. He could spend all his time on vacation.

But that's not what he did.

Instead he's been writing. Writing the book that will go with this course. He's been doing the thing that drives his passion—because he doesn't need the money.

He's motivated to do his best work ever, simply because he has the ability to decide to do whatever he wants. And with that freedom, he started thinking about the impact he was having. The legacy he was leaving.

After all, selling a CDN company is cool, but it won't change lives. It won't bring happiness to people who are desperately managing for happiness.

He created an online course and is writing a book to leave a legacy. To share the insights he and his wife figured out as they navigated the work he was doing.

Why should you listen to David? Because his motivation should speak for itself. When facing the opportunity to take a prolonged vacation, he went into the studio and started recording.

What about you?

Let's talk, for just a second, about your life. How happy are you? What kind of joy have you been experiencing in your life?

  1. Do you bring your work frustration into your personal life with friends or family?
  2. Do you end up skipping family events and time with friends and end up regretting it?
  3. Are you finding that you're having a hard time sleeping at night? Stressed all the time?
  4. Do you have friends telling you that you need a break? Or that you need to relax?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (or all of them), the good news is that David has produced something just for you.