Membership Plugin Review: MemberMouse

A month of Membership Plugins

My focus this month has been on Membership plugins for WordPress. This has given me a long list of plugins, including the ones I've reviewed so far:

  1. Membership 2 Pro
  2. WP eMember
  3. WP-Members
  4. Restrict Content Pro
  5. FastMember
  6. Memberful
  7. InstaMember
  8. Members
  9. WP Membership
  10. Cart66 Cloud
  11. Private Content
  12. Zippy Courses
  13. Ultimate Member
  14. Easy Quick Member
  15. WooCommerce Membership (Envato)
  16. MemberWing-X
  17. Simple Membership Plugin
  18. Page Security and Membership
  19. S2Member Pro

These plugins, focusing on WordPress, are almost all licensed under a GPL license. Easy Quick Member isn't, which I told you about and part of why it scored so low.

Today I wanted to explain why this review was kind of a non-review. Because MemberMouse isn't GPL either.

Here's my take on why GPL licensing matters for plugins like this.

You can read their explanation here:

Overall, it's a bummer because of how awesome the feature set is.