Building a membership site with WooCommerce

woocommerce-membership-siteCombining eCommerce & Membership sites shouldn't have to be scary

Imagine you've spent months building and running an eCommerce site, using WooCommerce. Then, suddenly, you decide that you want to add a membership component. While it sounds interesting and even a bit exciting, it can be a scary proposition as well.

After all, the wrong combination of plugins could lead to a horrible user experience and a big mess.

So instead of letting you try a lot of different combinations, I thought I would walk you thru the exact steps to take and the plugins (and extensions) to use, so that you can skip the hassles and get started building a membership site with WooCommerce right away.

WooCommerce, Groups & Subscriptions

The plugins and extensions I use are these:

Even though you could skip the last one (smart coupons), you'll discover why I use it in the video below.

This is a 25 minutes video tutorial

Prepare yourself. I know my videos are normally much shorter, but trust me, you want to get this right.

Building a membership site with WooCommerce

The advantages of this approach show up clearly when you consider the use of those smart coupons, don't they? Because the one asset you have that others don't, when building a new membership site, is that you have an existing store (filled, I hope, with lots of products).

Because of that, you have opportunities for the membership side of things – to bring you new shop customers. The same is true for the reverse – with opportunities for shop customers to become membership customers.

It's often a simple question of incentive, and that's why I showed you the trick with the smart coupons.

I hope you like the video and that it helps you build your own membership site. If it does, be sure to come back here and post your link. We all want to see it and cheer you on!