My next three eBooks…

The writing is almost done

I'm excited to release, in the next couple of months, three new eBooks that I've been working on.

Getting Started with Corporate Blogging

A lot of times I hear people suggest to companies that they need to blog. But the advice stops there and most everyone I know gets stuck on the next steps. What do I write about? Why am I writing? How often should I do this? Who should do it? So this little eBook will step into that world to help you out.

You're Hired: Lessons in Recruiting High Flyers

Over the last twenty years or so, I've hired a lot of great people. Truly amazing and high performers. And you'd think that to do it I'd have to offer tons of money. But in these stories I'll share with you the strategies that have been far more effective than just cash.

Until the street lights come on: Lessons in Collaboration

Whether it was street football or playing pickle, all of our games were outdoors – my mom didn't want us playing in the house and making a mess. What we didn't know at the time was that we were learning valuable lessons in collaboration and negotiation. Here are some of my favorites.

Have you read my other eBooks?

I'm excited to bring you these three new eBooks. Each one will take you 1-2 hours to read (depending on your reading speed). So they won't take forever but I'm hoping the stories will stick and help you in practical ways.

If you haven't read my current books, I invite you to check them out. You'll be able to quickly determine if my approach and style are ones you appreciate.

I've written eBooks on:

  • Pricing Products
  • Being a First Time Manager
  • Managing Remote Staff
  • Managing High Performers

Want to buy one? The PDFs are ready for you.