North County San Diego WordPress


When I moved down to North County San Diego two years ago, I went looking for a WordPress meetup. While there were a couple that existed in San Diego, neither were very close to me, and while I didn't mind driving 30-45 minutes for a meetup, it felt hard to join a community of folks I couldn't connect with more regularly. Over the last two years I've gotten much more plugged in with several groups of great folks and started talking about a North County solution.

Well, after months of discussion, we've locked down a location for the full year, re-launched the old downtown San Diego meetup that hadn't been meeting as regularly, and even have some Orange County and Riverside County rockstars coming our way.

All to talk about WordPress.

So Tuesday night (January 22nd) we'll kick it off with a review of Membership Plugins. We'll talk about several of them and there may even be a special giveaway!

So if you haven't checked out our updated MeetUp Page, do it now!