The reason for Rainmaker that no one will tell you

We were sitting at a dinner table. Hanging out. Talking. The only people there would be considered seriously good friends.

These are the folks that can tell you things that no one else tells you. You know, the kind that may say, “Are you really going out in public wearing that?”

Well, this was the moment my friend Syed looked across the table and said to me, “When are you going to stop changing things on your website?”

It was the same kind of question. A challenge. Stated with love. And a smile. And probably a lot of trust that I wouldn't throw a fit.

Can I be honest with you for a second?

Most of the companies I've coached struggle with two kinds of problems. Those created by others (competitors, customers, partners) and those created by themselves.

Which do you think are the bigger ones?

If you guessed “others,” you guessed wrong.

Is it the same for you and your company? When you look back over the last year, have some of your challenges been self-induced?

If you're honest and I'm honest, I think we'd all say yes.

[Tweet “Many of the problems we face are of our own making. That's just the hard truth we have to accept.”]

Many of the problems we face are of our own making. That's just the hard truth we have to accept.

Have you heard of Rainmaker?

The new Rainmaker platform is awesome. It's a hosted platform that offers a ton of features including:

  • Business & Blogging sites
  • Membership sites
  • Simple online courses
  • Podcast support
  • Affiliate management
  • Sales & landing pages
  • and more….

It's hosting and themes, and plugins, and more – all in a single platform.

But it's not for everyone. I get that.

And some of you may not like it because it's a platform that imposes limits – from limits to plugins you can use, to limits to how you design your landing pages, to limits on your online courses, and more.

Limits may bother you.

Rainmaker may not be for you. I get it.


Here's the reason for Rainmaker

What if the right reason for Rainmaker is those limits?

What if they're protecting you from making 2,000 tweaks to your site. The constant changes and regular loading of new themes and plugins.

The constant tweaks that cause your friend to look over the table and ask you when you're going to stop making changes?

Because they know something that we would likely know if we were looking on at someone else.

All those changes make it very difficult to know what is and what isn't working.

All those changes are likely pulling you away from the real work you need to do.

Maybe the limits and constraints of the Rainmaker platform are specifically so that you focus your time on something else. So that you don't waste your time with constant testing and tweaking.

Maybe Rainmaker knows the one reason you should choose it, and knows no one will tell you, because it will sound rude.

Maybe Rainmaker is set up to protect you from yourself.