Coming to San Diego: A WordCamp Business Track

wordcamp business trackIt seems like every day I'm having a conversation with someone in the WordPress community about dynamics or aspects that have little to do with code and have much more to do with the business side of WordPress.

While I've managed software engineers for almost two decades, deep down inside I'm a business guy – so I can't lie – I probably invite those conversations.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post suggesting that every WordCamp should have a business track. I admit that we were already at work as the WordCamp San Diego organizing team to create something like that for San Diego.

Well today, at some point, we'll start selling tickets online. And the part I'm personally most excited about is the Sunday schedule. Because on Sunday we've assembled a great list of speakers who will cover a variety of awesome freelance and startup talks:

  • Client Selection & Management
  • Contract Management
  • Setting a Price
  • On Growth & Bootstrapping
  • Execution
  • Iterations
  • Client Challenges
  • Work/Life Balance

Don't get me wrong – Saturday's schedule is pure awesome! In fact, I'll have a hard time knowing which room to sit in, because every speaker and topic is seriously great.

But as someone who has participated in WordCamps for several years and longed for more business talks, I'm thrilled about our second day.

I look forward to seeing you there – make sure you get over to the site and buy your tickets online – last year the conference sold out in 12 hours.