Join the Movement: Say No a Lot

say no a lotDo you remember the movie Forrest Gump? Do you remember the movement he started – getting people to start running with him, as he ran across the country (until they didn't)?

I want you to join a movement too. Only it's not about running. It's a different movement. It's my private club of folks who are all getting good at saying “no.”

I say no a lot.

For real. Want proof? Search for “people who say no a lot” and see who Google thinks should rank first?

Chris Lema Says No A LotYes, that's kind of a crazy thing to be known for, but hey – I rather people know me for saying no, than being known as someone who gets excited easily, jumps into things, and then can't sustain their energy (and ultimately misses deadlines).

The First Step to Say No a Lot

Today's post is super short. Not because I don't have a lot to say, but because there's only one step I want you to focus on.

Just one thing you have to get right, as  you start developing your own momentum saying no. Here's what you need to create.

Create a “I'm going to say no to these things” list

It's really that simple. I want you to think about all the things you did this past week that ultimately didn't have to get done. Look for wasted energy. Look for things that you do on “auto-pilot” without even thinking about it.

And as you do that, see which of them you can put on this new list. It's the “I'm going to say no” list.

Start By Stopping

Here's what I find when I connect with people after they've done a time audit: they already know the things they shouldn't be doing them.

You see, it's not a challenge to know what you should stop doing. The challenge is to actually stop doing them. That's what you may likely need help with.

So here's what I want you to do. Write your “I'm going to say no to this” list. Then send it to 5 of your closest friends.

How you have them keep you accountable is up to you. Ask them to punch you in the face. Tell them you'll give them $5 every time they catch you doing it.

However you do it, just make sure you don't end at the list creation step. The flip side of the coin is letting people know. That way you can have help from your own community.

Want to hold me personally accountable?

I've been doing a sleep audit recently – over the last two weeks. I normally say I get about 6 hours of sleep a night. But as I've done the audit, I've seen that I'm going to bed around 2 instead of 12 am. That cuts into sleep time.

So here's how you can help, if you feel like it.

If you see me on twitter (@chrislema) after midnight (PST) and see me tweet (make sure it sounds like a personal post, not an automated / scheduled tweet), reply and tell me to go to bed.

Or ask me, via twitter (in public), if I'm getting to bed on time. I won't lie to you.

So that's me. That's the new item on my “stop doing” list. I am going to stop staying up until 2 am (as a habit).

What is going on your “saying no to” list?