Selling more is all about Perspective


OptimizePress 2.0 was released

I just purchased the latest version of OptimizePress.

Was it because I have a new site to build and it would do it faster? Nope.

Was it because I wanted to create a better online funnel? Nope.

Was it because I might need to protect some content? Nope.

Was it because I needed a way to do great things without writing code? Nope.

So why did I buy it?

Even though it was released a month ago, I'd been too busy to go check it out. But this weekend things slowed down enough for me to head over there and check out their site. And that's when I decided to make the purchase.

Know how long it took? To decide?

Less than 2 minutes.

I spend some evenings and weekends working with companies to help them sell more of their themes and plugins. And I regularly see the same thing on their sites.

  • Clear articulation of the price.
  • Clear articulation of the features.
  • Clear articulation of the integrations/dependencies.

But you know what's harder to find?

A clear answer to the question: why should I buy it?

Focus on Benefits, not Features

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. We've heard people tell us for decades that benefits sell better than features.

But what do we do? The moment we get ready to talk about our own products, we resort to the incredible complexities we've mastered to create a great product. And we do it by highlighting features.

We tell people how it will all work without explaining why they should care.

OptimizePress 2.0's Site

While I don't think their product is nearly as easy as they suggest in their marketing, that's not my main point. I spent the money to continue to interaction and see how well they did their follow up and what their internal site looked like.

Because their external site does a good job of focusing less on features and much more on benefits. And I wanted to see more. So I bought a single license.

I've told many clients that instead of saying “Get Started” they should quantify ease. So if you can get something done in 15 minutes, then say it, “Get your site up in as fast as 15 minutes.”

[For the record, I timed myself and I know WordPress. I burned 15 minutes just looking at all the options.]

But again, my point isn't about their product. It's about their messaging and how they focused – in both text and video – on benefits.

It's all about Perspective

When I work with folks, I like to share with them a single paradigm of perspective. You either see things from the inside out, or from the outside in.

Most of the folks I help are “inside out” people. It means they start with what they have, the work they've achieved, and they try to message that. They're taking their inside message out to the public.

Instead, I challenge them to become “outside in” people. It means you start with that target market and determine what their core pains are. Then solve them – even if it's easy as pie.

Just because it's easy to do something technically, doesn't make it any less valuable.

So stop trying to pitch people on the complicated stuff. Instead focus on where their pain is – even if you used some standard and simple stuff in your theme or plugin to make it work.

Trust me, the benefit they receive is what they're paying for.

So if you want to sell more themes and plugins, know your target and their pains and frustrations. Then articulate how you're making them all disappear.