Sharing your Work History via an Infographic

As I was doing a little research into various infographic sites for an upcoming webinar I'll be doing, I ran across a site called The site imports data from LinkedIn, and then turns it into the basis for an infographic of your work history and expertise. I've written before about generic infographic generators, but this is a targeted solution that solves one and only one kind of infographic problem. But it does it in a pretty fun and unique way.

My Work History – In Graphic Form

Chris Lema's Work History

Want the Text Based Version?

If you prefer to see my work history in text, you can always visit the source of all this data by heading over to LinkedIn for my profile. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, if we're not already.

Does this replace a Resume?

Honestly, I doubt it. But the truth is, for almost my entire working career I've never needed a resume. I remember writing one up when I was interviewing with Emphasys Software because they didn't know me. But in every other case, I was recruited by employees, senior management, or the board of the companies I went to work for. In those situations I never needed a resume. So I'm not the best person to decide. But I can tell you this, depending on the job, if I got one of these images in my inbox for a social media, marketing, or relational position, I'd likely get on the phone to do a quick interview.