Stop Making Premature Announcements!

This isn't a political post even if I'm using a political example of premature announcements and celebrations. But do you remember this moment in history when we collectively announced “mission accomplished” before the mission was accomplished?

Want to have some fun? Check out this video.

Those were crazy moments in sports, right? So what do we know – that premature announcements and celebrations can happen in politics, sports, or any other part of life.

Can We Talk Premature Announcements for a Second?

I don't write a ton of negative posts on this blog. And I'm not saying that right before I write a negative post now. But I am going to write a cautionary post.

Way too many people write about what they're about to do, instead of what they've already accomplished.

Stop it.

Today's post is 275 days in a row of publishing. You know when I announced I was daily blogging again? Somewhere around 30 days. After I started. Not 30 days before I started.

When you make premature announcements I think you're hoping for cheers and support. I think you're trying to build up some excitement.

But when you announce your next pivot before you actually accomplish anything, you open yourself up for all sorts of problems.

  1. If you don't accomplish what you said you were going to do, you look like a person who doesn't deliver on their promises.
  2. If you decide to change your mind about what you were going to do, you look like a person who is fickle and can't make up their mind.
  3. If you pivot and then pivot again and then again, you look like a person who is about to pivot again, so most people just wait to see what sticks.

Let's face it – none of that is good.

The Solution is Simple

The solution to this is really simple. Say nothing. Don't make the announcement until the thing you're announcing is complete. Don't tease. Don't announce. Don't declare. Just do the work.

Then, when you're ready, make the announcement.

People will love your announcement because there's substance. And you'll earn the respect and trust of an audience that can, once again, trust your announcements and celebrate with you.