Delivering Talks that Matter

Photo by Silver Lining PhotographyBoy do I have good news for you!

Talks that Matter

Cory Miller and I will be holding a webinar to help you prepare and deliver talks that matter.

It will be hosted on WP Sessions and you can sign up for 15% less than normal price, right now.

Every time you get in front of someone, every time you have the opportunity to speak to a crowd, to an audience, you have this potential to change how they feel about themselves, how they think about the world, how they see their own future.

You have this opportunity because they sit and give you a chance. They open themselves up.

But in the first few minutes, you can watch walls go up quickly. In the first few minutes, you can watch distractions take over.

Then you're left with nothing.

Great Talks aren't just Information Exchange

If you want an opportunity to have a tremendous impact, then it's critical to understand that the nature of delivering a talk that matters is to penetrate past every bit of the walls, every bit of the distractions and get to the heart of something so that people feel encouraged and empowered to change.

They feel encouraged and empowered to risk, to try something new.

That extra little pat on the back that says you can do it and they do.

Most people think that the objective of a talk is to disseminate information. That's not true. In fact, the only way that you're going to get information is stick is if you learn how to share that information.

You take a fact and you share it, people will forget it. You take a fact and you stick it in a story, people will remember it and they'll tell that story for months or years.

Learn to Tell Great Stories

See, you and I, we can't fight our DNA.

We can't fight who we are as people. We've been passing stories along, we've been telling jokes we've heard, we've been sharing part of a narrative that has been going on forever and that won't stop.

When you get in front of an audience, you have this opportunity to step into their story and help them see it in a slightly different way.

If you do that, and they can see it, they can envision a difference, they might take a step and they may remember or retell your story long after you're gone.

Science says that for the most part, 95% of what we hear in a presentation will be gone within a month.

But the reality is that in most cases, it's gone within an hour or two.

You just get caught up with everything else.

In this upcoming webinar, my friend Cory Miller and I will be spending time talking with you, sharing with you tips on how to pick a topic, on how to prepare a message, on how to think through naming and subject titling so that people are interested in it.

How to make sure you don't make some of the classic mistakes that will waste every opportunity that you have to have an impact, and really ultimately, some tips on how to deliver a great keynote or a great presentation.

I hope you join.

I hope you'll sign up. I think you'll like it.

For the price, in fact right now, if you sign up, there's a 15% discount. For the price of what you're getting, I could tell you that if I were just to go sit and listen to Cory talk for an hour, that would be worth hundreds of dollars.

This is $25.00 to hear both of us for about three hours.

Well worth your money. July 19th. So sign up. We'll see you there.