The Flaw in the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Extension

woocommerce dynamic pricing

WooCommerce's Dynamic Pricing Extension

Tonight I was helping a friend with an e-commerce project and I was taking some screen shots of the admin interface of WooCommerce. Specifically, I was highlighting the power of dynamic pricing. If you've never looked at the Dynamic Pricing extension for WooCommerce, you really need to. It's nothing short of awesome; well, a tiny bit short, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Role-Based Pricing


As you can see, it offers you role-based pricing. So if you want a special group of folks to get a different price, all you need to do is put them into a role and then configure WooCommerce to change the price of different products based on the role. It's seriously that easy.

Quantity Based Pricing


You can also create a different price based on how many cart line items (or more, see above) there are. So in this case, if I had 3 or more items in a cart, I could apply an additional discount.


And it supports total cart discount as well. In this case, every total order over $40 received a 10% discount.


But do you notice something?

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension is pretty amazing and the screenshots above are awesome, but there's one tiny flaw.


Do you catch it?

All the dynamic pricing wonderfulness only shows up in the cart. Not on the product page. Which means you'll need to write it all up in the Product Description area. That's a possible workaround, but it's not great.

The real answer will require coding, which I haven't done yet. But it seems like it should be done because if not, the buyer will have no clue that the price will changed until the last moment.

Here's my general rule when it comes to pricing and e-commerce sites:

If you're going to offer a customer a discount, which will help them pull the trigger – make sure they know about it.