This site now runs on the Blocksy theme

The Blocksy theme is one of four really fast themes

The other day I told you about several themes I was checking out as I start to move from a pagebuilder-based site to Gutenberg. That list, if you recall, included the following four themes that are all really clean and load really quickly (alpha order):

In that same article, I told you that I was having challenges as I tried to build parts of the site using blocks, but if the block wasn't one that came with the theme, or the theme's premium plugin, it wasn't working as advertised.

So I wondered if I would be able to make the change or not. The good news is that I made the change.

This site now runs on the Blocksy theme. (Excuse the mess, but I'm still not done with things…)

What I want in a WordPress theme

When it comes to choosing a theme, I want what most people want.

  • I want a theme that loads quickly and gets me good performance scores.
  • I want a theme that gives me options on the little things, without a complex user interface.
  • I want a theme that works with page builders, but also with Gutenberg.
  • I want a theme that lets me create content and use it in multiple places.

Maybe you haven't yet wanted that last item. I'm still working on making this a reality. But it's important to me because things like my newsletter signup should be coded once and placed at the bottom of every post. The “want to pick my brain” ad should be at the bottom of every blog post, but outside the content area.

Page builders made this really easy with saved row templates. But in the world of Gutenberg, I need to make sure that the blocks I use and the way I hook into the theme play nice together.

And the Blocksy theme delivered better on these needs than the rest.

Notice what I didn't say.

  • I didn't say I wanted a bunch of pre-made templates – because Astra wins that game.
  • I didn't say I wanted a theme, plugin and block library that would lock me in but work well together – because Kadence may win that game.

I didn't say those things because I didn't want those things. A theme is a personal choice based on a personal set of desires.

But the interface of the Blocksy theme is beautiful. Every bit of it makes sense and doesn't send me back to the theme vendor to read their documents (which isn't true for all the themes in my short list).

Everything I wanted to do, I was able to do. Quickly and easily. Now I just have those content blocks to work on (this weekend).

Things you may notice, now that I'm using the Blocksy Theme

There are a bunch of little changes that are already complete.

  • The blog is a main part of the navigation again. After a year of it not being there.
  • Share icons are at the bottom of every blog post.
  • The fonts for the title and headings have changed, along with a bit of spacing.
  • The blog page is two column but now includes an excerpt
  • The single post page now has a sidebar again

In other words, 2010 showed up again and worked over my site. But I like it. There's more to do.

And you'll see the tweaks (especially to the pages) over the next few days or week.

But here's what you won't experience – any lag time. Because the site is already faster than before!