Are you using these three ways to learn WordPress?

yoda-three-ways-to-learn-wordpressThree Ways to Learn WordPress

Today I want to make sure you are aware of three different kinds of resources that can help you learn WordPress.

This post though is a video (because, remember, I'm trying out Wistia and seeing how well it will work for me – so far, so good).

Plus my friend Shayne doesn't love to read all my posts. 🙂

5 Resources in 5 minutes

But if you don't feel like watching all five minutes of the video, let me list them for you real quick.

Personal Trainers

Video Tutorials

And introducing a new offering

Bart & Ben are the two guys behind WP University.  They also do client work. But they decided to create a plugin that would train people in a different way. A way that would teach by having customers develop their own muscle memory. It's an interesting approach that I think could work for people who have tried these other channels and found them lacking.

It's also great for folks who learn and use WordPress but then step away for a while and forget everything and have to learn it all over again (which is not a small group).

Check it out –