Trying to sell corporate memberships?

Selling group memberships

Years ago I helped a friend build their online business. He was selling an online course that really took off. After a great two-week launch, we wanted to plan for the next opening – and that's when we decided we wanted to support corporate memberships (or team memberships, or umbrella memberships). Turns out, it wasn't easy.

The good news is that it's not nearly as hard today as it was back then.

What are team memberships?

Think about it this way. Team memberships are those where a single individual pays for the membership plan, but multiple folks get their own ability to log in (without sharing usernames / passwords).

One billing account. Multiple user accounts.

And you're not limited to a single size for corporate memberships. You can create a small business team (5 members), a growing business team (20 members), and an enterprise team (1000 members) – and price each one differently.

Why sell umbrella memberships?

I told you about the buddy whose site I helped by building out umbrella memberships for their online course. When we did that work, we created two additional team plans – a small one (5 members) and a medium one (15 members).

It opened up the online course to different segments of customers who had their own teams that wanted to enjoy the course together. It came with workbooks for each member and the ability for each member to log in with their own credentials.

How did it go?

It doubled the revenue for each launch. Over the course of the year, we added hundreds of thousands of dollars from customers who signed up with those team plans.

Corporate members get protected content

The best thing about umbrella memberships is that team members all get access to the protected content. And because each is their own individual, with their own preferences, you can use plugins like Favorites or WP Favorite Posts to tag posts that they want to favorite and come back to later.

So how do you do it?

It starts with Restrict Content Pro. This is a WordPress plugin that makes creating membership sites really easy.

It also has an extension available for it, that lets you sell group memberships. This is the feature that makes it easy to create and sell corporate memberships.

Note: By now you've noticed I'm alternating between group memberships, umbrella memberships, corporate memberships, and team memberships. they're all different names for the same concept.

These aren't the old days anymore

In the old days, managing members was a lot of work. I would create a membership plan, and then route buyers to a post-purchase form that would collect members.

From there I would send emails (which was some code I would have to write). And then when someone came later and wanted to adjust the team, my shoulders went up in the air.

Today you can manually add members or import them via a CSV import.

The folks you invite get emails that are easy to add them to the group.

And then you can always adjust the group in the dashboard. At any time.

Restrict Content Pro has what you need (and then some)

You may know that I regularly compare membership plugins, and Restrict Content Pro is one of them. One of the benefits of their approach to pricing is that when you buy at the right level, you get access to their entire Pro version of extensions – where group memberships is part of that bundle.

Where Restrict Content Pro really stands out is that the bundle of Pro extensions really deliver awesome and unique features for membership sites.

Check out this extensive list of add-ons.