Now, update multiple WordPress sites at once (from your phone)


iThemes has never been just a WordPress themes company.

From the beginning, iThemes was more than just a theme company – though it's where most of the commercial WordPress companies started. After all, they kicked off a pretty large educational site, and over the years have found success with plugins like Backup Buddy.

But the last year or so has been fantastic to watch, as my friend Cory Miller has led the team into new spaces with eCommerce, security, and site management.

I've written about their eCommerce plugin a decent amount because they rolled in a pretty easy-to-use membership feature with Exchange that I really like. But I don't think I've told you much about Sync, their product that helps you update multiple WordPress sites at once – and now you can do it from your phone!

iThemes Sync

Their Sync solution lets you update your sites – multiple sites – including your plugins, themes, and more. If you use Backup Buddy, you can make backups and if you have their Stash service, it will push those backups to it directly.

But they recently announced a mobile app, and it's awesome in it's simplicity. Because it brings all the power of Sync to your smart phone.

I had a few minutes with Matt, their COO, to check it out and I was impressed.

Now, I know what you're wondering – what if I'm not an iThemes customer? The good news is that the iPhone app, and now the Sync service, is available to everyone – not just their own customers.

A video is worth all the words in the world

As I was getting ready to write this post, and tell you all about each of its features, I went to grab the Sync link from the iThemes site, and noticed they had a new video that showcased the whole thing. So without further ado, here's a video that does a better job than my words could ever do!