When it comes to WordPress, here’s what I believe…

I've spoken at a lot of WordPress conferences, from WordCamps to Pressnomics. And most of the time, I share something about myself, but not tons.

Last year, in Grand Rapids, to a small group of one to two hundred folks, I decided to share much more about my own story, my own beliefs, and how it all fit with WordPress.

And yes, I talk about what I believe a lot.

But you'll soon see that what I believe is truly immaterial. What's important isn't what I believe. Instead what counts is what you believe.

It's a long talk – almost forty minutes – so today may or may not be the day for you to watch it. But as I rewatched it today I thought, wow, that may be the most I've shared about me and my story in a presentation.

So I thought you might like it.