Why I Write eBooks

why I write ebooksLet's start with the main reasons why I don't write eBooks. Just to get it out there.

I don't write eBooks to get rich. I have two of them selling on Amazon and they sell 20-30 copies every single month. It nets me a bit under $300/month in revenue. In case you don't want to do the math, that's just over $3500/year.

No one lives on that.

I'm sure some people are amazing writers and sell thousands of copies. I'm not that guy.

I don't write eBooks to get speaking gigs or claim expert status. I know it's fun to say “I wrote the book on that.” But these days, you're more likely to have to say, “I wrote a book on that.” Notice the difference? “the” and “a” are two very different things.

I'm not an expert.

But I do have experiences and I have lived past mistakes. And so I hope they're helpful. But people don't come calling regularly to have me speak at events (even though I am a public speaker) because they found and read one of my eBooks.

I don't write eBooks because I'm a write who just has to write. I know people like this. I'm not them. I'm a natural storyteller, so yes, I couldn't live without telling stories.

But I don't have to proofread stories. And I do have to edit text.

So, no, I don't write them because I have a deep yearning to write tons of books and be called an author at public events.

Not about the money. Not about the status. Not about the urge.

The reason I write eBooks

There's really one reason I write eBooks. Just one.

I'm lazy.

Let me explain that a bit. Unpack that.

Another way of saying it is that I like being helpful, but I cherish efficiency. Sounds better, right?

See the thing is that I really enjoy helping you. I want to help you. I seriously do. But I don't want to spend two hours on the phone. Because that impacts the time I get with my kids and my wife.

So I need a way to help you that doesn't cost me tons of time.

And the most effective way to do that is to write down a core primer for you in the form of an eBook. That way, once you read it, on your own time, we'll have a common language.

Then we can get into the specifics of what you're up to. And I won't have to waste time telling you 18 stories to make sure you've fully grasped my perspective and points.

Our common language comes from me writing it down. Once. And then every person who needs that kind of help can read it.

You can read it. And then we can talk.

That's why I write eBooks.

Now do me a favor, will you? What else would you like to hear about?